Sights and sounds

Recordings of Christian Harmony singing

CD's of singings at St. John's Church (Rutherfordton, NC) are available here.

There is also information on obtaining books.

The Penitent's Prayer

More videos can be found here. 

The videos cannot replicate the live experience. Find a singing and your area and come see for yourself. I promise you will receive a warm welcome!

The Glory of the Cross

The Glory of the Cross" from the Cooper revision of "The Sacred Harp."  The melody sounds similar to "The Penitent's Prayer" to me.


I will not post a lot of videos here. There are many on YouTube and probably elsewhere. I may have a "rotating video" of what I find that is meaningful to me at any time. Today, this is one.

Radio interview on WJCW-AM
Dave Hogan and Carl Swan interviewed Don Wiley and Randy Sanders. This was for the November 2007 singing at ETSU sponsored by the Center for Appalachian Studies and Services.
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September 17, 2008 radio interview
08 wjcw.mp3
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Sheri Walker joined me to talk about our local singing community.


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Wondrous Love

Notes from 1951 Old Harp recording

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